Estate Planning and Your IRA

estate planning

Estate planning often includes looking at who you have named as beneficiaries on your IRAs. You want to be sure to discuss who to name, not only with an investment advisor but also with an estate planning attorney.

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What Kind of Legacy Do You Want to Leave?


Are you an impassioned volunteer for a charity that is meaningful to you? Perhaps your life has been t ouched deeply by a cause and as you consider how you would like to be remembered, leaving some of your hard-earned savings to help has entered your mind. This is called leaving a legacy. It can be a rewarding and meaningful way…

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Estate Planning 101: Don’t Make These Celebrity Mistakes

Estate planning 101 photo

Anyone, even celebrities, can fail estate planning 101. The estates of many celebrities are ten times bigger in net worth compared to those left behind by regular folks. For instance, singer and pop icon Prince has left an estate worth hundreds of millions of dollars, a far cry from that of a middle-class suburban American.…

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