A Trust is part of an estate plan

When you die, who will manage your assets? If you do not have a trust, your loved ones could end up in probate. A living trust attorney in Phoenix can help you create a trust and plan your estate. 

We offer comprehensive estate planning services in Phoenix. I can work with you to set up your living trust and plan the details of your estate. I’ll take my time to answer your questions, address your concerns, and make things as easy to understand as possible. Request a free consultation with a living trust attorney. 

What is a Living Trust?

A living trust is a legal document in which you designate a successor trustee to manage your assets after you pass away. The trustee ensures that the beneficiaries you name get your assets per your instructions included in the trust. A living trust can avoid probate.

We can help you with details of your living trust, such as: 

  • Naming the trustee who will manage your trust when you pass on or become incapacitated
  • Designating the beneficiaries who will receive your property and pursuant to what terms
  • Authorizing a trustee who will oversee an inheritance for your children or grandchildren if they are still under the age of 18

It’s important to leave your estate precisely the way you want it with no uncertainty.  If you have difficult family dynamics, family members struggling with addiction, or estranged family members, I can compassionately help you make plans for those situations.

What Are the Benefits of a Living Trust?

There are several benefits to setting up a living trust, including the following.

You Avoid Expensive Legal Battles

An attorney can help you clearly outline your living trust to avoid probate costs and legal battles that can tear your family apart. I firmly believe that the simpler a trust is worded, and the more everyone can understand the actual words used, the fewer potential battles there will be.

Your Living Trust is Private

Someone who dies with a will only, and not a trust, may have that will filed with the local probate court. The will becomes public record. Living trusts are private documents. Your family does not have to file the trust with the court. 

You Have Complete Control Over the Trust

While you are alive, you have complete control over the trust. After you pass away, your appointed trustee will have full control over the administration of the trust. The trustee must follow your wishes as stated in the trust. 

You Can Alter the Living Trust

If you set up a revocable trust, I can help you alter, terminate, or fund the trust at any time. You can manage assets in more than one state, or change who gets your assets or who is in charge. 

How I Can Help You with Your Living Trust

Although it is possible to fill out your own living trust, I can help you avoid the pitfalls that come with DIY living trusts. I can assist you in the following ways:

  • Protect your legal rights in the state of Arizona
  • Guide you through the entire living trust process from start to finish
  • Prepare all documents associated with your trust
  • Offer sound legal advice in easy to understand English, with no legalese

Hire a Living Trust Attorney in Phoenix 

If you are ready to set up a living trust, I’m ready to help. We can help you craft your living trust and help you put your affairs in order. To find out more about our legal services in Phoenix, Arizona, contact me today.

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