What do I do?

Estate planning is an act of love, sharing your thoughts and wishes when you are no longer able to express them.

I practice holistic estate planning.  Yes, I prepare the paperwork you need if you become incapacitated, pass away or need guardianship for a disabled child. But that is only part of the services I provide. Exploring how your documents will impact your loved ones is as important as drafting the documents themselves. Estate planning is not done in a vacuum. It is part of your overall life and death view.

The personalities, value systems, dynamics, and other issues that make each family unique are very relevant to estate planning. Being able to map out a plan that will realistically take into account who the players are and how they react to life and crises, may well avoid the battles on the back end that can destroy relationships.

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Estate planning is the way we continue to take care of our families when we are not able to do so. We take care of our families every day of our lives.  The idea that we may face a time when we cannot interact with our loved ones or express our love for them is enough to make most of us want to cry.  But the beauty of estate planning documents is that they give us the tools to do what we no longer can do on our own.

I work together with you so you can get the peace of mind that comes with having your affairs in order.  I have helped over 1500 clients.

My Mission:

We all tend to be a bit uncomfortable discussing and planning for death and incapacity.  I definitely get that and so I try my best to keep the experience of putting together estate planning documents as casual and chatty as possible.

A complete estate plan includes several different documents.  This can seem overwhelming.  Just think, though.  As overwhelming as this may be for you, it is many times more overwhelming for your loved ones who would have to guess at your wishes and possibly deal with the court system as well.

The main goal of estate planning documents is to give you the peace of mind that your loved ones will be protected if something happens to you.  You can only get that peace of mind if you actually understand the legal documents.  My mission is to make sure that the documents are easy to understand.  They are not filled with legalese. They are written in plain, simple English.

How can I help you? I can:

  • Help you obtain guardianship for your special needs adult child
  • Create a special needs trust to protect your disabled child's governmental benefits
  • Advise you on how to protect all of the members of your blended family
  • Show you how to plan your affairs when you have difficult family situations
  • Create all of the estate planning documents you need
  • Update documents you already have
  • Provide a free and thorough initial consultation
  • Answer all of your questions patiently and respectfully, even if you ask the same question repeatedly
  • Help you make decisions about your assets
  • Prepare documents for you even if you are outside of Maricopa County (thank goodness for technology!)
  • Help you use powers of attorney to look after your affairs
  • Help you name a trustee or executor for your assets
  • Help you set up trusts to avoid probate
  • Prepare, write and update your will
  • Set up trusts to protect your assets
  • Give advice on probate of wills, including the administration of estates in case there is no will
  • Help you name guardians to raise your minor children
  • Direct the distribution of your estate after death to rightful heirs and beneficiaries

What can you expect?

  • Not to be rushed
  • To have everything explained in simple English
  • A compassionate response to difficult family situations
  • On-Time appointments
  • Quick turnaround on documents
  • Reasonable fees
  • A comfortable office
  • To receive monthly newsletters
  • To receive annual reminders to review your documents


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