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Estate Planning Attorney in Arizona

Sue Sandys, Estate Planning Attorney

I grew up in the Detroit suburbs. I knew I wanted to be a lawyer from the summer I turned 16. I worked for a law office that summer and other than breaking the copy machine, I loved being in that environment. It just clicked with me. Being a lawyer lets me do 5 things I love: chat a lot, meet people, write, figure out complicated situations and help people.

I knew early on in my career that I was not cut out to be a high roller, heavy hitter type of lawyer. Instead, I represented families involved with Child Protective Services for the first 11 years. I have helped families with estate planning for the past 17 years.

I love practicing law, but I also wanted to be available to raise my children. As a result, I have always had my office in my home and have kept my schedule flexible to handle sick kids, school plays and school sports. My 2 sons, ages 22 and 26, are now grown, but now the flexibility allows me to travel with my husband and work on charity projects for different local charities. I do everything from crocheting hats and scarves for homeless men and women to volunteering weekly in a Title I school.

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