Is a Handwritten Will Valid in Arizona?

Handwritten Will

A Will is a legal instrument that generally expresses your intent on who will inherit your property as well as how and when your beneficiaries will inherit it. Although an attorney usually draws up a Will, Arizona law permits you to handwrite your own Will so long it also meets certain requirements. The person who…

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Wills, Wills, and More Wills

different types of wills

Wills, Wills, and More Wills: Different Types of Wills Lawyers are known for many things, but coming up with different names for different documents is not one of those things. If you decide to do estate planning, you will be introduced to no less than 4 different documents all called Wills. Let’s take some time…

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What is Probate and How You Can Avoid It?

What is Probate and How You Can Avoid It

There are actually several ways to avoid probate. But before we discuss those, let’s define probate. If you file a probate, you are asking a court to appoint someone to take care of a dead person’s assets. That person is called an executor. In Arizona, we call that person a Personal Representative. Most probates in…

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Living Wills: When Should You Pull the Plug?


Living Wills, also known as Advance Medical Directives, say that if you are toast, pull the plug. I find the whole topic of whether we have a right to dictate our deaths to be really fascinating. I know, I should think about more upbeat things, and I do. But this just really grabs my interest.…

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