Estate Planning for Your Special Needs Child

special needs child

Special Needs Estate Planning: What You Need to Know Estate planning can be challenging no matter what, but it becomes even more complex when providing for a special needs child.  It is important that you, your family members and loved ones understand how estate planning can potentially impact your child.  Well-meaning loved ones that leave…

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Special Needs Adult Children: Parents vs. Guardians

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What is the difference between being the parent of your special needs adult child and being the court appointed guardian of your special needs adult child?  Let’s call your 18 year old disabled adult child, Steve, for purposes of this discussion. Between birth and 18, you have done everything for Steve.  No one has given…

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What Do You Need To Know About Guardianship in Arizona

Guardianship in Arizona

If you have an adult disabled child and want to be legally her or his guardian, I am the right person to call. I can definitely help you. You may be wondering what the process is or what needs to be filed. The process is laid out on the guardianship page of this website. This…

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