Making a Will When Stepchildren are Involved

Making a Will

The Brady Bunch made it all seem so simple, didn’t it? Two lovely families seamlessly merging into one big happy blended family complete with a well-trained dog, a cheerful housekeeper and a skilled butcher. Pure bliss! Is your blended family life anything like that? If it is, that’s great to hear. You’re probably the one…

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Arizona Last Will and Testament Requirements

last will and testament

Everyone should have a will. It is the simplest document you can have as part of an estate plan and can be drawn up by an estate planning lawyer at a very reasonable cost. A will is a written expression of your intentions as to how you want your assets, personal and real, distributed upon…

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How to avoid a Will or Trust contest

Will or Trust contest

We all see in the news that different celebrity families have filed in court to contest a celebrity’s estate. Most of the time, the fight is over money. Sometimes, as with Robin Williams, it is partly a fight over stuff—memorabilia associated with his celebrity for example. Now I can’t speak for celebrities, but I can…

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