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How Much Does Probate Cost in Arizona?

Probate Cost

Probate is a long process and can be confusing at times, especially if you are not guided by professional and experienced counsel. You need to consider many things, including probate costs and fees. You can avoid probate in certain cases. Not going to court means the estate may be settled faster and more simply. But this approach only works in some circumstances.

Probate Costs

In Arizona probate, the cost includes the legal fees, the filing fee, the publication fee, the cost to obtain the bond and the compensation. The cost of the filing fee is around $206 and the publication cost of the Notice to Creditors ranges from $30 to $60. However, the other fees vary, depending on the lawyer. In certain cases, such as a situation where a bond and compensation and the services of a lawyer are not required, the cost is only around $250 to $500.

Fees for an Attorney’s Services

If the case requires the services of an attorney, there is no universal amount for those fees. The duties of a probate attorney can include filling out forms, preparing and tracking filing deadlines, handling procedural technicalities, and, in certain instances, appearing in court. In Arizona, lawyers are required to charge clients a reasonable fee, not a percentage of the estate, for their services.

Total Costs

The probate cost and fees for a simple, uncontested and informal probate in Arizona may total approximately $750. This cost is incurred regardless of the estate’s value. However, formal and supervised probate can cost much more than that.

To make sure that you are paying just and reasonable probate costs and fees, it is important that you only seek the services of reliable, trustworthy and reputable law firms. If you are in need of honest, cost-effective legal services for a probate process, please contact me. I am available to discuss your legal needs and probate concerns.

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