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estate planning laws

Law Changes Since 2000 That Impact Estate Planning

By Susan Sandys | July 25, 2016

Estate planning laws, for the average Joe or Joanna, do not change very often. However, the changes that do happen are very important to incorporate into your estate planning documents. Many of…

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Handling Money Loans

Handling Money Loans

By Susan Sandys | July 22, 2016

Children and inheritances One of the biggest conversations in my office revolves around how to leave money to children through a Last Will or a Revocable Living Trust. Waiting until kids reach…

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Obsolete estate planning documents

Obsolete Estate Planning Documents

By Susan Sandys | July 20, 2016

Here’s why you should review your old estate planning documents! Many people put together estate planning documents, pat themselves on the back for a job well done, and shove the documents away…

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different types of wills

Wills, Wills, and More Wills

By Susan Sandys | July 18, 2016

Wills, Wills, and More Wills: Different Types of Wills Lawyers are known for many things, but coming up with different names for different documents is not one of those things. If you…

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estate planning for pets

Estate Planning for your Beloved Pet

By Susan Sandys | July 15, 2016

Estate planning for pets is important if you want to secure your pets welfare after you die. Americans own 70-80 million dogs and 74-96 million cats. That is a lot of pets.…

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Estate Planning If You Are Young and Single

Estate Planning If You Are Young and Single

By Susan Sandys | July 13, 2016

Estate planning for singles is equally as important as for married couples. It may sound absurd but it’s the truth, you are not thinking about death and incapacity in your 30’s. You…

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Why do the deaths of parents bring out the dysfunction in their children

Why Do the Deaths of Parents Bring Out the Dysfunction in Their Children?

By Susan Sandys | July 11, 2016

Parents’ deaths are a traumatic experience even for adult children.  In my past blog entry, I discussed “Dying Without Papers or Dying Intestate” which shed some light on this topic.  In this blog,…

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Father And Son

Don’t Leave Your Guardians In The Dark

By Susan Sandys | July 6, 2016

One of the toughest decisions to make with estate planning is who will raise your children if you are deceased. Children need someone to raise them—a guardian—until they are 18. This blog…

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Dying Without Papers A.K.A. Dying Intestate

Dying Without Papers

By Susan Sandys | June 29, 2016

Dying Without Papers A.K.A. Dying Intestate Dying intestate is also known as dying without a Will or a Revocable Living Trust. Let’s use Cody as an example. Cody dies. His family scrambles to…

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What is Probate and How You Can Avoid It

What is Probate and How You Can Avoid It?

By Susan Sandys | June 22, 2016

There are actually several ways to avoid probate. But before we discuss those, let’s define probate. If you file a probate, you are asking a court to appoint someone to take care…

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Living Wills: When Should You Pull the Plug?

By Susan Sandys | June 15, 2016

Living Wills, also known as Advance Medical Directives, say that if you are toast, pull the plug. I find the whole topic of whether we have a right to dictate our deaths…

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Maximizing a Revocable Living Trust for Your Problem Child

Revocable Living Trusts and Your Problem Child

By Susan Sandys | June 8, 2016

Maximizing a Revocable Living Trust for Your Problem Child How do I handle my child who is a mess? This is a common question for parents who have an adult child with…

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