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August 2012 Estate Planning Report

By Susan Sandys | August 16, 2012

Hope everyone had a wonderful summer.  Hard to believe that school is back in session. LAW CHANGE FOR LAST WILL HOLDERS Do you have a Last Will and not a Revocable Living Trust?  Then, this applies to you.  There is a new law in Arizona starting September 1, 2012.  AFTER YOU DIE, the executor (Personal…

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June/July 2012 Estate Planning Report

By Susan Sandys | June 21, 2012

THE IMPORTANCE OF HAVING LIVING WILLS/ADVANCE MEDICAL DIRECTIVES 1.  The decisions surrounding end-of-life are very difficult.  Fear, grief and other swirling emotions do nothing to make the decisions any easier.  Putting your wishes in writing, before the end, is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your loved ones. 2.  When dealing with…

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May 2012 Estate Planning Report

By Susan Sandys | May 15, 2012

WHAT I HAVE LEARNED There are many interesting things I have learned from doing estate planning: 1.  It is truly amazing that we survive in relative harmony with our relatives. 2.  18 is too young to be given an inheritance outright. 3.  25 is the most common age for giving an inheritance outright. 4.  Blood…

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April 2012 Estate Planning Report

By Susan Sandys | April 17, 2012

Where There’s a Will, There’s A Way UNUSUAL CONSERVATORSHIP Britney Spears’ father is her conservator.  He has full control of her money.  He has had this job since February 2008, when Britney was hospitalized for mental health issues.  Despite the fact that Britney has regained custody of her children and has restored her career, her…

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March 2012 Estate Planning Report

By Susan Sandys | March 20, 2012

Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way We are a quarter of the way through the year–hard to believe!  It’s time to make sure your own affairs are all in order. Revocable Living Trust   Invite your non-retirement accounts into the Trust. Name the Trust as a beneficiary on your retirement accounts and life insurance.…

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February 2012 Estate Planning Report

By Susan Sandys | February 13, 2012

WHERE THERE’S A WILL, THERE’S A WAY BENEFICIARY DESIGNATE YOUR VEHICLES You can beneficiary designate your vehicles in Arizona.  This means anything that gets registered with MVD—motorcycles, cars, trucks, RVs, etc.  It is very easy and free.  How do you do this?  Here’s how: 1.    Go to 2.    Click on “Forms and Publications” on…

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January 2012 Estate Planning Report

By Susan Sandys | January 3, 2012

Happy New Year everyone.  I hope you all had a safe and fun holiday season.  Now it’s back to the drawing board. 1.  Intangible Estate.  We all know about estate planning for assets, like property and stuff.  What about your intangible estate?  What is an intangible estate?  It is made up of the values you…

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November 2011 Estate Planning Report

By Susan Sandys | November 3, 2011

WHERE THERE’S A WILL, THERE’S A WAY PLEASE TAKE TIME TO EXPLORE MY UPDATED WEBSITE.  CHECK BACK OFTEN FOR NEWS, VIDEOS AND OTHER UPDATES. Dysfunction.   The stories keep coming in that prove the adage: death brings out the dysfunction in families. I apologize in advance for wearing the cynic hat, but never underestimate the flood…

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September 2011 Estate Planning Report

By Susan Sandys | September 27, 2011

Website news: I am working hard on my new and improved website.  It should be up and operating by the end of October.  It will have many new features and lots of new content. While you are at my website for my Report, please check out the articles under “News Articles”.  Several times per week,…

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August 2011 Estate Planning Report

By Susan Sandys | August 22, 2011

I HOPE EVERYONE HAS HAD A WONDERFUL SUMMER. Social Media Spot: Please join me on Facebook and LinkedIn.  I post articles of interest at least weekly. Be sure to leave a list of user names and passwords for your loved ones so that your online affairs can be closed when you die. Pets: 75% of…

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July Estate Planning Report

By Susan Sandys | July 7, 2011

PEOPLE DON’T DO WILLS. Study after study has shown that people, in general, hate to do their Wills.  This blog presents an amusing argument for why we all need Wills. LOST OWNER. A box labeled “grandma’s urn” and containing an urn, weighing about 10 pounds, was donated to a Goodwill store in Michigan.  The…

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June 2011 Estate Planning Report

By Susan Sandys | June 21, 2011

THE COST OF DOING IT YOURSELF VS. A LEGAL PLAN. I have had several people tell me that it is cheaper to do Wills, Trusts and Powers of Attorney by yourself than signing up for a legal plan offered through work.  This is simply not true.  Most legal plans charge around $200 and cover many…

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