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Letter of intent photo

Letter of Intent

By Susan Sandys | April 12, 2017

If you are a parent of a disabled adult, you probably worry a lot about your child’s future.  You may well worry about what will happen to your child if you pass…

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Common Estate Planning Myths

By Susan Sandys | April 10, 2017

I’m too young for an estate plan If you are legally an adult, you are old enough for an estate plan.  The moment you turn 18, you are responsible for the management…

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Divorce and guardianship photo

How Does Your Divorce/Separation Impact Getting Guardianship Of Your Adult Child?

By Susan Sandys | April 2, 2017

2 new laws were passed recently in Arizona dealing with divorce and guardianship for special needs adult children.  Here’s what you need to know. NEW LAW #1 Let’s call our couple Ryan…

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Wills facts photo

Facts About Wills

By Susan Sandys | March 30, 2017

1.    A Will Can Meet the Needs of Many A will gives you the opportunity to dictate how your estate should be distributed and make provisions for the care of any minor…

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Estate planning mistakes photo

How to Avoid the Biggest Estate Planning Mistakes

By Susan Sandys | March 23, 2017

Estate Planning Basics The first step in estate planning is to get organized.  Gather all of your important papers and documents and then get started on some of the basics you’ll need…

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Living trust photo

Keys to Creating an Effective Trust

By Susan Sandys | March 14, 2017

A living trust is a highly effective planning tool.  Depending on your needs and the size of your estate, a trust can be simple or incredibly complex.  Regardless, if you do not…

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Living Trust photo

The Biggest Benefits of a Living Trust

By Susan Sandys | March 7, 2017

It is a potentially grave assumption to only think of a living trust as a means to avoid probate.  There are many reasons and ways a living trust can be utilized in…

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healthcare power of attorney

Healthcare Power of Attorney

By Susan Sandys | February 24, 2017

Arizona Power of Attorney Legal documents and end of life planning can feel overwhelming, but your future care depends on the steps you take now.  While no one likes to think of…

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power of attorney

Estate Planning Attorney Notes: Power of Attorney

By Susan Sandys | February 13, 2017

Estate Planning Law and Power of Attorney No one plans on being in a car accident, or incapacitated, or being diagnosed with dementia, but not planning on it doesn’t stop it from…

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Small portable safe photo

Small Portable Safe and Safety Deposit Boxes: Caring for Your Documents

By Susan Sandys | February 10, 2017

Once you’ve made it over the hurdle of actually putting your plans for the end of your life to paper, the next step is to consider where you should store those documents…

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Estate planning 101 photo

Estate Planning 101: Don’t Make These Celebrity Mistakes

By Susan Sandys | February 3, 2017

  Anyone, even celebrities, can fail estate planning 101. The estates of many celebrities are ten times bigger in net worth compared to those left behind by regular folks. For instance, singer…

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Special needs adult child

Special Needs Adult Children: Trusts and What You Need to Know

By Susan Sandys | January 23, 2017

Having a special needs adult child can present some unique challenges.  Making sure that he or she has the proper care, via special needs trusts and other methods, is both a legal…

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