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Durable Mental Health Care Power of Attorney

Mental Health Power of Attorney: What You Need to Know

By Susan Sandys | August 15, 2017

In Arizona, there are more than 6.5 million people and 294,000 of them are suffering from severe mental illness. If your family is struggling to help a family member who is suffering…

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Essential Components of a Trust

By Susan Sandys | August 9, 2017

When people say they want a Trust put together, they are usually saying that they want a document that will say who will get what when they die. People who want to…

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How Long Does Probate Take in Arizona?

By Susan Sandys | August 1, 2017

There are two different scenarios when probate may be necessary. If you have a Will, probate may be needed. If you die without any estate documents, so no Will or Trust, you…

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special needs trust

Manage the Cost through Special Needs Trust

By Susan Sandys | July 25, 2017

A special needs child born to parents in Arizona often will require many services that can cost millions to deliver over the child’s lifetime. Managing this extreme bill requires careful planning and…

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estate planning

Estate Planning and Your IRA

By Susan Sandys | July 10, 2017

Estate planning often includes looking at who you have named as beneficiaries on your IRAs. You want to be sure to discuss who to name, not only with an investment advisor but also with an estate planning attorney.

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What Kind of Legacy Do You Want to Leave?

By Susan Sandys | July 2, 2017

Are you an impassioned volunteer for a charity that is meaningful to you? Perhaps your life has been t ouched deeply by a cause and as you consider how you would like to be remembered, leaving…

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Aging parents photo

How to Deal With Aging Parents

By Susan Sandys | June 14, 2017

Today in the US, many adults are helping their young adult children through college; even more, however, are dealing with parents who are entering old age. Frequently, these adults are helping their…

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Guardianship photo

How to Be a Legal Guardian

By Susan Sandys | June 9, 2017

When you love someone who is unable to care for himself or herself, such as your special needs adult child, you can ask the court to appoint you as a guardian to…

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Special needs guardianship photo

Estate Planning for Your Special Needs Child

By Susan Sandys | May 25, 2017

Special Needs Estate Planning: What You Need to Know Estate planning can be challenging no matter what, but it becomes even more complex when providing for a special needs child.  It is…

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Arizona guardian photo

Arizona Guardianship Laws:  A Primer

By Susan Sandys | May 17, 2017

How Do Guardianship Laws in Arizona Work? If you have a disabled adult in your life that needs a guardian, you will need to go through the courts to legally establish guardianship. …

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Special Needs Adult Children: Parents vs. Guardians

By Susan Sandys | May 12, 2017

What is the difference between being the parent of your special needs adult child and being the court appointed guardian of your special needs adult child?  Let’s call your 18 year old…

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Special needs guardianship photo

How to Give a Special Needs Guardianship to a Family Member

By Susan Sandys | May 1, 2017

    The process of guardianship for a special needs child can be complicated depending on your situation and familiarity with the legal system.  If you need to appoint a family member…

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