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How Can My Disabled Child Qualify for Social Security Benefits

Qualify for Social Security Benefits

When we think about special needs, we often think specifically about educational needs for children. However, the long-term educational and medical needs of minors and adult children with disabilities are serious matters to consider as well. The phrase, special needs, generally refers to disabilities caused due to learning difficulties, physical problems, or emotional and behavioral issues.…

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Housing for Special Needs Adults

Special Needs Adults

Housing options for special needs adults have come a long way in recent years. If you are the legal guardian of a special needs adult and you’re just now looking at your options, you are fortunate to have avoided some not so wonderful options from years past. There was a time when many special needs…

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What Can Special Needs Trust Funds be Used For

trust funds

For families with children who have special needs, ensuring their care and provision is always on the forefront of the mind. Special needs trusts are a great tool for making sure they are cared for, but what does that entail? It is important to note that special needs trusts are made to supplement Medicaid and…

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Making a Will When Stepchildren are Involved

Making a Will

The Brady Bunch made it all seem so simple, didn’t it? Two lovely families seamlessly merging into one big happy blended family complete with a well-trained dog, a cheerful housekeeper and a skilled butcher. Pure bliss! Is your blended family life anything like that? If it is, that’s great to hear. You’re probably the one…

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Protecting Your Assets from Medicaid


If you’ve taken steps to get the best possible long-term medical care for a loved one with special needs, you also need to think about protecting your assets from Medicaid. This is because the Medicaid standard to establish need essentially requires the recipient to be flat broke. If you leave an inheritance for that loved…

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How to Plan for the Future with a Special Needs Child

Special Needs Child

Every parent worries about their child’s future, but the parent of a special needs child worries more. Who will take care of him/her every day? Who will advocate for him/her? Who will support him/her? Can I even do anything to address these issues? Yes, you can. You can do a lot to make sure your…

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What Can a Special Needs Trust Be Used for?

Special Needs Trust

Any parent with a special needs child worries about what will happen to them when they, the parents, die or can no longer provide care. Many mentally or physically disabled children will go on to lead long and full lives, well after we pass on. Before we are gone, though, there are steps we can…

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How to Set Up a Special Needs Trust in Four Steps

Special Needs Trust

Are you the primary caregiver for someone with a disability? Are you the legal guardian of someone who needs ongoing long-term medical care? Are you concerned about accessibility to important things like housing, insurance, and independence? Of course you are! Setting up a Special Needs Trust is a vital part of estate planning when you…

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5 Possible Barriers to Education for Students with Disabilities

Students with Disabilities

Disabilities come in all shapes and sizes; just like students! Whether a student was born with a disability or acquired it later in life; whether the disability is physical or developmental, students with disabilities continue to face tremendous barriers when attempting to access their fundamental right to a basic and reasonable education. Let’s be clear:…

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Transferring a Mortgage into a Living Trust

Transferring a Mortgage

Living trust are incredible tools for estate planning and cover a range of benefits from tax breaks and avoiding probate, to asset protection and management of assets at the end of life. Typically, placing real estate into a living trust is simple, but with a mortgage it becomes more complicated. To place the mortgage into…

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